New expo "A Propos" @NIQUI Gallery 29/8 till 18/9.  NIQUI Gallery, George Spelierlaan 69, 2950 Kapellen - Belgium


recent paintings.



“Cazenave” the pseudonym for a Belgium-based artist – was born and raised in Antwerp as the youngest of a family of two. Encouraged by his artistic mother, he displayed a particular interest in drawing and creating from a young age. He’s been active as an artist for the last two decades. A part of doing abstract paintings he is also the creator of the Cazenave Golf Art Concepts. His paintings are abstract and lively layered, they are of reflection of his thoughts and are depicted in colour, shapes, lines…expressions of happiness, sadness, people, beauty… Art has always been his pasion but only the last years he does it on a more professional base. Before he was more active in the business life but decided to leave this behind him and move more over to creating art. He also is a collector of art mostly from upcoming international artist. 



Please feel free to contact Cazenave if you would like to receive more information about his artwork or if you would like to request a privat view.

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